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Artificial Plants, Artificial Trees & Artificial Flowers

Evergreen Trees is one of Asia’s leading manufacturer and retailers of preserved, artificial trees and plants. Our 20 years of experience in the business has garnered over 15,000 successful installations - for which we have lived up to our bright reputation for outstanding service and superior products..

Evergreen Preserved Trees and Plants
Our preserved offerings are Inherently Fire Retardant, and they comprise of the most realistic plant materials you have ever seen. Enjoy the fresh greenness of our preserved plants and bid a ferewell to the troubles of watering, lighting and fertilizing ever again.
Our artificial trees are often referred to as “silk plants” for their smooth and crisp fabric texture. View the pictures below, visit our showroom and feel for yourself these beautiful commercial grade fabric leaves ‘growing’ on natural wooden trunks.
With a comprehensive range of Ivies and Garlands, Hanging Plants, our best selling Plants and Bushes, intricate Bonsai, popular Small Trees and Large Trees . Seasonal products, including Christmas Ornaments, are also available.
If you are looking for artificial flowers such as orchids, bromeliads and smaller tropical plants, our Botanical Accents products are exactly what you are looking for.
Our artificial trees can be made any height or diameter as your interior needs.
Evergreen provide one stop source for Artificial Trees, Plants and Flowers.

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Greeneries are identical to natural life as their green leads to a deep emotional meaning such as a feeling about freshness, pleasures, calmness and intimacy, even a sentimental one. Natural green becomes one of people's basic need in a big city as concrete forest sometimes creates a feeling of emptiness. Evergreen Trees values this need above all things. Find how powerfull a place could be with the presence of our collecion.
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